Monday, August 15, 2022
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Back to the Basics

by Mark McClanahan

I’m an avid racquetball player. I play about five to six times per week and have been studying under a local pro for about 10 months. After a recent lesson, I asked my coach whether I should do anything in my practice routine differently. He steered me to a rudimentary drill that I used when I began studying the sport. When I went back to this drill on my own, I realized that I still had room to improve in this fundamental exercise. This showed me that going back to the basics is sometimes an excellent way to revitalize your abilities.

I reflected on how this applies to our business at Mosby Building Arts, and I found a few examples of how we’ve done this recently. The first one that stood out was a simple assignment I asked my managers to perform on their own. Each manager listened to a Manager Tools podcast called “8 Examples of Positive Feedback.” By doing this, each of them reinforced this important, rudimentary management skill, a skill that all of them have worked to master on their own.

Another example of going back to basics was when we weren’t being completely honest with ourselves in regard to a segment of our business. So I decided to blow the dust off of chapter 4 in “Good to Great.” After reflecting on Jim Collins’ insights, I was able to work with the management team to embrace the brutal facts of what was going on with this part of our business. Because of this honest deliberation, we were able to make a shift in this segment that should prove to be a wise decision in the near future.

To revitalize your business, remember to consider reviewing the basics you used to get where you are today. or 314.909.1800) is the president at Mosby Building Arts.
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