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Creating A Place For Learning. Helping Communities Grow

by Jim Mosquera


Submitted 5 days ago

5 Mega Processes: The Foundation Of Effective Assessment

by James Canada

Submitted 33 days ago

5 Key Roles To Results-Based Performance

by James Canada

Submitted 66 days ago

Happy Employees Add Value

by James Canada

Feedback is an
Submitted 96 days ago

Know What Your Customers Need

by James Canada

Submitted 124 days ago

Treat Every Interaction As A Business Transaction

by James Canada

Submitted 158 days ago

There Are Two Types Of Customers- And Pleasing Each Is Critical To Success

by James Canada

During my time as a
Submitted 186 days ago

The Two Dimensions Of Quality

by James Canada
We once

Submitted 221 days ago

Keeping Customers Happy and The True Definition Of 'Quality'

by James Canada

Submitted 249 days ago

Assessing Customer Requirements And the Art of Listening

by James Canada
How satisfied are your

Submitted 277 days ago

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