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Moving On

by Jessica Sullins

Since finding quality candidates has become more challenging than ever before, relocation has become a viable option. Relocation provides employers with a wider range of qualified candidates from a region or the entire nation to fill an open position.

Relocation can include a wide range of options. Some employers will provide a one-time lump sum to cover any expenses incurred. Other employers will pay for specific expenses the candidate incurs.

The survey says:
According to AAIM Employers’ Association’s 2017-2018 Policies and Benefits Survey of 95 St. Louis and central Illinois businesses, 61.5% of organizations pay for moving only and 38.5% of organizations cover packing, moving, and unpacking expenses.

What to consider:
• Already moving.
It is important to determine whether the candidate already planned to move. If they are moving only because of the available job, they may request more in relocation expenses.

• How many members moving. It is also important to consider whether the candidate is moving alone or bringing their entire family. That could also determine the amount they may request.

• Area recruiting. When recruiting, it is important to know what area you are recruiting from — is it nationwide or a specific region of the United States? This will help create a recruiting strategy.

Jessica Sullins, PHR ( is on the Research and Solutions Team for AAIM Employers’ Association, which helps Missouri and Illinois companies manage their people and processes.

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