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CEdge Software Consultants Delivers Value With Experience

Information technology can be a double-edged sword. While companies can save money in designing the best solutions for focusing on future growth and scalability, many businesses end up losing money because they can’t monitor projects to ensure success.

Not anymore. Enter CEdge Software Consultants, nominated as the technology company of the year for 2017 by the SBA of Eastern Missouri and St. Louis.

“We can help small, medium and large companies in cutting cost by taking on the tough projects,” said Sekhar Prabhakar, owner and founder of CEdge Software Consultants. “Recently, we completed a project for a construction company that was trying to integrate several different systems for a very long time. We put together the entire architecture and accomplished it within a few months.”
CEdge’s core capabilities are enterprise architecture, data analytics, ecommerce, custom software development, cyber security and IT staffing. Founded in 2004, CEdge has been very successful in gaining recognition from both government and commercial clients.

Having worked in high-tech companies in Silicon Valley such as Sun Microsystems and Sybase, which turned small startup companies into top technology companies, Sekhar Prabhakar had a dream of starting his own business as many of his friends & colleagues did to find success. It was also his father’s dream to see one of his sons become an entrepreneur. The individuals who motivated him the most were his colleagues Ajit Gupta of Speedera and Gil ElBaz of Factual.

After moving to St. Louis due to personal reasons, Mr. Sekhar continued to be part of Sun Microsystems Professional services supporting the State of Georgia and MCI World com projects and later moved into independent consulting work. Mr. Prabhakar was involved with a company (Market2lead) cofounded by his childhood friend Geoff Rego that Oracle acquired a few years later. Mr. Sekhar decided to take the leap on his own and founded CEdge Software Consultants in 2004. “I started this with a vision to be a trusted adviser and delivery partner who is recognized as an innovative full-life-cycle solutions provider who ensures customer needs are consistently met with the best value at the best price,” he said. “We deliver value with experience, cross-functional teams and by deploying the right experts at the right time which is backed by our CMMI level 3 certification that CEdge has achieved this year.

Having secured key customers in both the commercial and federal sectors, and going through rigorous training as part of Mentor Protégé program with DXC technologies, Mr. Prabhakar said the company has started focusing on developing new innovative solutions and tools to help its customers. “The need is out there for software development and maintenance as well as data analytics, cloud computing and cyber security that are our core capabilities,” he said. “Our data analytics has certainly won accolades from customers reaffirming that our solutions are well thought out. We are focusing on building this talent and research internally.

With Mr. Prabhakar’s experience working on several highly visible projects at some of the best companies in the world and with an advisory board made up of well-known St. Louis business leaders that includes Dr. William Powell, Chief Stratergy Certification for CEdge, who is also the chairman for Rejis Commission. Dr.Powell and Scott MCNealy co-founder of Sun MICrosystems are people that Mr. Prabhakar regards as his Mentors. They both have always encouraged my efforts while I was starting out. This support is what made me learn that by believing in people you empower them to achieve their goals. Based on my request , Mr. Scott McNealy took time to visit St. Louis to be a keynote speaker at innovate St.Louis that raised more than $300K for the St. Louis STEM program. He also took time to be interviewed by my son about his non-profit We are very proud to say that we support his non-profit organization. He and the CEdge team have been able to empower the right people to get the job done for clients.

Said Mr. Prabhakar: “The new technologies and demands need a workforce that is creative. We would like to make sure we provide that environment to every knowledge worker.” CEdge is well poised for growth and are pursuing several large contracts in federal and commercial sectors.

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