Monday, September 25, 2023
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Just A Note

by Mark McClanahan

If you Google “small things matter” or “small things make a big difference,” you’ll discover a wide array of articles, blogs and opinions on the positive effect these minute actions have on us. Sometimes as a leader I forget to consider the little things because I’m focused on the big projects or initiatives in front of me. Plus, to many of us, the big things are more intriguing or exciting.

So, how do we make the time to perform little works that make a positive impact on the people we’re charged to lead? Referring back to my last article on processes, I think one start is to create and install a process that makes this possible. Some of you may argue that putting a process in place takes out the special meaning of these little behaviors we perform. I think this depends on the intention behind creating the process.

At Mosby Building Arts, I have one such process in place, and the purpose behind the process is to help new employees feel welcomed as a valuable member of the team. We greatly desire that new employees feel special because they are. The small thing I do is handwrite a note to every new person hired. This note is mailed to their homes within the first week of employment. I express my gratitude to them for joining our team.

The results? At least 50% of the time, the employee seeks me out to thank me for the card. A third of the time, I receive a thank-you note in response. I see a significant, positive impact on these new associates, and this small investment I make in their well-being has a high return. The small things do matter!

Mark McClanahan ( or 314.909.1800) is the president at Mosby Building Arts.
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