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The K Factor of Business

by Dr. Deb Carlin

The topic of kindness has too often been regarded as something frivolous and yet, we each crave it. Ironically, when we are treated in a manner that is anything but kind, we frequently feel angry.

In today’s world of bad news and violence, bullying, and harassment, there is a factor to consider with each breath – The K Factor, where K = Kindness and the factors are all the things that lead to it.

Kindness is actually the global currency and it takes courage, core courage, to be kind as often as we need to be. We need to use our kindness for all kinds of things and it is so much easier to exercise other options. Kindness is a simple mind set wherein we place our best and most loving self into each encounter, replacing negative thoughts with a gentility that is experienced by both the owner of it and the receiver of it. Kindness is not just our thoughts, it translates into our verbalizations and behaviors.

The dictionary tells us that it is a noun but I believe it to also be a verb and an adjective; kindness has so much life to it! Kindness is old fashioned decency, graciousness, and consideration.

In Partners In Excellence where we do business psychology consulting, we have found that when leaders are engaged in kindness, their employees experience them as more compassionate and openly understanding; this inspires them to feel safe, which in turn increases trust within an organization and it is in that state where employees are willing to take on more responsibility and accountability as they crave self-satisfaction and genuine success. As Stephen R. Covey has taught us in The Speed of Trust (2006), when trust is high everything gets done faster and costs less. This is exquisite for business.

Dr Deb Carlin is President of Partners in Excellence LLC. Awarded numerous accolades given her leadership, authoring, speaking, and teaching, she holds a MS in Statistical Analysis & Research Methodology alongside a PhD in psychology, both from Saint Louis University (SLU) with much of her training at both Washington University and the SLU Medical Center. “Build the Strength Within” was her 11th book, which has been a consistent sell out on Amazon, teaching people to Blueprint their life using her special program. For additional information about learning to control your mind and reach your desires, visit

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