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COVID-19 Rebuilding Your Business Resources & Help

As businesses begin to rebuild after the COVID-19 crisis, several area business leaders and companies have stepped up, providing help and assistance to business owners as they start the rebuilding process. If you'd like to be added to the list, please email your information to We will continue to add to the list.


Crisis Management: Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis (Harvard Business Review)
9 Tips To Be Productive When Working At Home During COVID-19 (Forbes)
65 Free Tools to Help You Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Careeronestop – Service locator for unemployment resources, including COVID-19 guidance

Facebook – Facebook Small Business Grants Program

Gateway Resilience Fund - This fund will provide short term monetary relief to employees and owners of independent bars, restaurants, and shops in the St. Louis area affected by closures and other circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Google Remote Work – Work, teach, and learn from anywhere

ICIC – Small Business Resource Center: COVID-19 Crisis

KCSourceLink – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Resources & Updates

McDonald Hopkins
• Coronavirus: Legal and business insights
o Multiple categories (business counseling, business restructuring, construction, data privacy and cybersecurity, healthcare, IP, labor & employment, tax benefits)

SBDC Network – COVID-19 Small Business Resources

SCORE – Small Business Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Resources

SmithAmundsen - Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What It Means For Employers

Small Business Majority
COVID-19 Daily Updates
National Resources
SBDC California – COVID-19: The Latest News & Resources for Your Business (pdf in folder)

St. Louis Regional Chamber – COVID-19 Regional Business Information Center

U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Combating the Coronavirus

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
Disaster Assistance
Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources
SBA’s Local Assistance Directory

WBENC – Resources for Women-Owned Businesses in Response to COVID-19

WBDC – Cash Flow Solutions for Our Clients

WIPP – The Impact of COVID-19: Business Resources

STL Partnership, along with the St. Louis Development Corporation, are offering a zero percent interest loan program for small businesses in the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County that have sustained economic damage due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Partnership has created a resource page to learn more about these resources.

AAIM Employers' Association

AAIM Employers' Association has been conducting a daily broadcast with its CEO, Phil Brandt, and well-known, local labor law attorney, Burt Garland with Ogletree Deakins. The “Morning Briefing,” is a 30-minute live audio broadcast with Q&A, Monday – thru Friday. The organization will be hosting it indefinitely. Visit


First, Enterprise Bank & Trust will have more details on some loan relief programs we are putting together. We'll be sure to send that information when it's complete.

Secondly, just a reminder about Enterprise University - the series of 2-hour educational seminars that are offered to business owners - and anyone - at no cost. There are a variety of topics covered in this semester, which we are now conducting virtually rather than in person. Visit the website that shows the courses in St. Louis - The program is in its 18th year and going strong.

Steve Richardson
VP, Corporate Communications / Enterprise Bank & Trust



I am a licensed advisor specialized in assisting small business owners on benefits, e.g. health, income protection, saving for emergencies and plan for retirement.

Small business owners and any of their employees can reach out to me directly to review their current plans and explore any potential opportunities, e.g. cost saving, improvement on benefits, or have a plan in place for a rainy day?

I am also hiring 5 staff in my office. Any person is interested can reach out to me directly for detailed information.

Together for Better!

Lynn Lewis
Licensed Advisor



While we do not directly facilitate the SBA Disaster Relief Program. I am happy to help people and answer any questions that they may have, send them the application and forms, and walk them through the process to hep them to get the relief that they need.

Best Regards,

Steve Grelle
Regions Bank
Vice President – SBA Banker (SBA Guru)
Phone: (314) 308-0375

We are a bankruptcy law firm in St. Charles Missouri. I am hopeful for everyone’s sake that this is resolved quickly and small businesses recover. However, these are unprecedented times and we are here to help. If anyone needs a free consultation to discuss their options you can add us to the list.

Brent & Teri Westbrook
Westbrook Law Group



I am the former President and COO of Maull BBQ who is now your friendly neighborhood Edward Jones guy.

I know crazy sales curves, I know challenges in supply chain and I know what its like to lay good people off.

What I would like to offer is the following:

For the owner's employees, the chance to have a conversation with any employee about their personal financial situation, free of any cost or obligation.

For the owner/operator, I get crisis management, and I understand making tough choices. Advice and opinions are free both personally and professionally.

And, most important, for those experiencing success in this market, advice to prepare for when the ride stops abruptly.

This is not the time for an advisor/salesman. This is the time for reassurance, for education, and for a review of where you are and where you want to go.

Louis Maull


Our attorneys are available for small business owners at no charge for an initial conversation.

Our attorneys may extend that offer to additional matters or conversations in each attorney’s discretion.

We include issues relating to employment, creditors, intellectual property and pending or new loans from the SBA. 

Jim Borchers
InNovare Law ℠LC

CFO Services

We provide virtual CFO services and have significant experience with financial crisis management specifically.

As a community contribution, we can offer a free a 1-2 hour coaching session to:
• Coaching about cash flow planning - Templates and training on how to use them to stay on top of cash needs
• Showing ways to collect faster, negotiate better terms with vendors, etc.
• "Stress testing" - Walking owners though questions like "can we still cover our expenses and service our debt if margins drop 5%?"
• Provide guidance on new SBA financing as it becomes available (generally banks help borrower navigate SBA rules, but since the SBA disaster loan is not through a bank, borrowers will have fo navigate without support)
• Discuss strategies for re-planning and re-forecasting

We can offer reduced fees to SBM readers for our virtual CFO services.
• Financial crisis management
• Managing the financial impact of reduced revenue
• Cash-flow planning
• Capital issues, borrowing
• Implement a plan to operate lean in the next 60-90 days to weather the storm without damaging the company
• Liaising with banks, investors, lenders

Eldar Causevic




The St. Louis small business community has been very good to me over the last 30 years. In this time of crisis, I want to give back where I can. For the next few weeks I will be available to listen to your specific situation, have a conversation about your issues and the options you may have to make the best of this healthcare crisis; these services will be at no cost. It is time for all of us to help where and when we can to make sure all of us get through this with as little damage as possible.

M.A. Birsinger & Company is a full service business consulting and business turnaround firm. We specialize in turning and growing small businesses. We have helped hundreds of small business owners in the past 30 years. We have been recognized by the St. Louis Small Business Monthly 7 times for being one of the best consulting firms in the area.

If we can help, just give me a call or send an email.

Mark Birsinger

We are about to launch a campaign to offer “Virtual Peer Boards” exclusively for business owners at NO COST. These will be once per week for about one hour in duration hosted by us via Zoom.

Anyone interested would need to participate in a qualifying process so we can match like companies together. These will only be offered during the crisis time frame.

Our last series of meetings focused mostly on what our existing members are doing, and they have been powerful to watch and productive for all. The news and other sources are too much to sift through and we feel this temporary program will help our community.

To learn more, you can contact me at 314-313-8498 or by email at

Barry Gleeson, Partner
The Alternative Board (TAB) Board Facilitator
Rockefeller Habits/Scaling Up Growth Coach



We have cut the cost of accessing our #GovCon resources by 50% for initial access (now $29). We are working with our partners, non-profits, and #ptacs to empower and help companies shift their methods and strategies during the pandemic.

In addition to accessing our resources, every company will get a no-cost strategy call to ask questions and get advice.

Learn more about available resources ➤
Small Businesses - click this link for $29 initial access special ➤

Joshua Frank
Founder & Managing Partner
+1 703 677 1700

GiftAMeal will give any St. Louis metro area restaurant two months free on our mobile app during this difficult time to encourage diners to order takeout, delivery, or buy a gift card.

Each time a user takes a photo of their takeout/delivery or gift card purchase of a partner restaurant on our mobile app, we will make a donation to Operation Food Search to give a meal to someone in need.

For more information on our response, see here:

Andrew Glantz
Chief Executive Officer of GiftAMeal
P: 310-488-4550

We will be creating content throughout this crisis to help small businesses navigate.

The first of these is up and ready to share: Tips for Working From Home:

Please distribute if you think it’ll help.

Amanda Aschinger, Co-Founder and CEO
Solstice Productions

I'm happy to offer online hypnosis - coaching for stress, anxiety, or mindset issues during this time at no charge.

Let me know how I can help.


Michele Burghardt, C.Ht/NLP
The Savvy Mind
Columbia Hypnosis & Coaching

I can provide free coaching telephone calls as an option to and achieve some clarity regarding their business, their families, their financial needs, etc.

I'm thinking folks would appreciate an opportunity to talk with someone and discuss different options and/or decisions that need to be made and as a result, feel less anxious overall.

Tim J. Dean, CPC
Executive Coach | Keynote Speaker

I am happy to volunteer my time free of charge to support any business owner/leader via zoom video/phone calls and/or answer any questions/brainstorm/strategize to help them weather the storm. Happy to help. We are stronger together.

Shea Peffly
Professional EOS Implementer


Score is looking for anyone that would be interested in becoming a mentor – we need more volunteers to help us support our region as the uncertainty continues we will be facing an increase of those wanting to start a business.

We are doing mentoring via Zoom.

Please call me for additional information.

Kim Henson
SCORE St. Louis Bi-State Region
Direct 636-219-5244



During and after this pandemic, we will be available to small businesses in St. Louis to help them rebuild. We provide companies with access to the office space, customized furnishings, services, funding, support and community needed to have a thriving business. We have a robust set of concierge services offered by partner companies in the community that are provided for free or at a discount to ThriveCo members. I'm also happy to talk with any business owner (member or non-member) in the St. Louis community to help them brainstorm solutions for rebuilding their business and weathering this time. This would be free of charge.

Katie Silversmith, Thrive Coworking,




HireLevel is currently working with our clients to help recruit and fill jobs to support infrastructure critical jobs. They can contact us at 314-241-9675 or e-mail me directly at if they have any hiring needs.

Erin Kopec
Director of Marketing


I would like to offer a free 30-minute call to discuss sales operations during this challenging time.

Usually, owners want to pull back and put things on pause. This strategy is only partially correct. While we do not want to be a nuisance (we never want to do this), our customers are also trying to survive and may still need our services. We need to strive to learn their challenges and how we can help them weather this storm. The other area they should be focusing on is their own internal sales operation. Sale coaching, going through their sales process and using this time to work inside the sales operation for operational and management reviews, changes, and improvements. Companies that have this focus and use this time to create a better sales operation are better positioned to recover quickly when this passes.

I would be happy to have a free 30-minute conversation about their challenges and ideas to help them with their sales operations.

You can use this link to book a time to talk with me:

Marc Metz, CSL
President | Optimus Sales Group
+1 618 600 4647



My company has a program called Connect 365 which is a training and software system on getting more prospects, leads and clients.

I can offer 30 days of free access to anybody who would benefit. They can use the software free, go through the training course, and also have access to our clients-only Sales Mastery training.

More info at

For anybody who wants to take advantage of this, we will have a special link they can use to access this for free. It will be ready by Wednesday. In the meantime, if this is going to be shared with folks sooner, they can email and she can set them up.

Josh Turner
LinkedSelling and

Synergy Group can assist with crisis communications. We can advise companies on strategy and messaging for communicating on their marketing channels, in advertising as well as potentially to the media during this time. We can offer a consulting phone call with those we feel we can help and/or provide feedback on existing communications strategy and messaging.

We are assisting several companies with Corona Virus communications and have a long track record of media relations and crisis communications, locally and nationally. If you are looking for a resource for an article on this topic, please keep us in mind.

Rachel Brown | President

We are currently offering 30 minute free consultations to folks to discuss their challenges with Kolbeco – just email at

Scott Kolbe
636.379.3895 x13

Arco is offering free phone consultations (need to be scheduled) to help navigate these waters for businesses and will also help with 30 minute rebuild strategy sessions
Andrea N. Arco-Mastromichalis
Arco & Associates

Free Virtual Coronavirus
Marketing Consult
Think Tank, a full-service marketing, advertising and PR agency in St. Louis, is offering free virtual consultations for businesses affected by the COVID-19 virus.
Our experts are available to discuss everything you need to be prepared for in this time of crisis such as:
• Brand messaging
• Resources that can help your business pivot in a time of crisis
• How to leverage the services and products you have
• How to position your company and open different streams of revenue
We understand the unique concerns and challenges you are now facing and we are committed to helping you minimize the impact to your organization.
We’ll look at your projects, marketing plans and goals and let you know how you can pivot to keep your business alive and profitable during the COVID-19 outbreak and call for social distancing.
Whether you need advice on your website, online digital presence and search engine optimization, social media presence, email marketing, advertising or print material, Think Tank will give our best advice and help you find the right path.

Trish Cheatham | CEO + Founder
Think Tank PR + Marketing + Design
Office 314.621.8265

Amplified Digital currently has an online toolkit that local businesses can utilize. We are also offering free communication consultation at this time. We’re in the process of some additional means of communications such as a webinar and a newsletter which I can update on later as well, but for now here is a link to our toolkit and consultation form.

Please let me know how I can further assist.


Michelle Ponder
Amplified Digital

We're a community based marketing company that connect new residents of communities across Missouri with local businesses in those communities, establishing necessary relationships that are needing to be established as a result of a move.

We would love to offer our assistance to any business looking to establish a plan to move forward when the current environment eases.

Jim Heuer
Town Hall, Missouri - AP3 Marketing Stl.



We just sent our clients an email to help answer questions about how to communicate with customers during this crisis. (For example, should I send a COVID-19 email? Should Ii stop sending promotional emails?) Here are our thoughts:

We also shared with our readers a Google Doc listing a lot of resources (articles, webinars, etc.) for marketers, especially those using email, on how to navigate the months ahead:

Feel free to use as you see fit if you think either resource would be helpful to your readers.


Katey Charles Darpel
Katey Charles Communications
314.918.8088, ext. 101




Alliance Technologies just launched our campaign to waive new client onboarding and transition fees. New clients can engage with remote IT support easier than ever. We have created a landing page to capture interested companies.



We are offering the following for folks:

Complete analysis of website and keywords for ranking.
Google My Business Set up e-Book which I wrote
1 hour consultation on what a company can do to market themselves and to improve their lead handling.
Value: 1200.00
I will also ad SBOM Courtesy copy with your info on the book for co-branding.

I will only offer this to your group and your group only, you get exclusive.

JB Floyd
LeadValets – We Open Doors For You
314-561-7101 office



My name is Lynn Hensel and I am a small business co-owner in St. Louis. We're located in south St. Louis City. My company, Spot Content Studio, specializes in Live-streaming, video production, audio production, and info-graphic creation.

We will most definitely need help to get through this, just like everyone else. But, I am writing to let you know that we too will offer help to anyone that needs it. The only way we will get through this is to stick together. How can we help?

My contact info is:
Lynn Hensel
office 314.667.5915

We may be able to help small business with remote communications as employees are now working from home. Microsoft is making software available at no charge for 6 months that can assist with communication, collaboration and access to data. We will reduce our normal billable rates to help businesses implement this solution.

Tony Morris
Karpel Solutions
314.892.6300, ext. 142



At HBBTech, we provide technology support services to small office and home office professionals.

As more small businesses are distributing their workforce, they may be substantially opening up their businesses to cyber criminals who are now beginning to focus their attacks on the VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) that some "techie" non-professional internal tech support individual may have set up for them.

These criminals are also beginning to focus on the large number of new work from home individuals who are likely using their existing routers, which are in many cases supplied by their ISP (Internet Service Provider) which only provide basic security functions.

Read more about these new threats HERE.

We are available, at no charge, to answer any questions small business owners may have about keeping their home-based workforce protected and their business networks safe. We are happy to discuss anything with them regarding their technology concerns.

We can also provide a safe and secure online office environment where these remote workers can continue to collaborate and share their work throughout their entire team, and make sure all of their business critical data is securely backed up.

In addition, our VoIP internet phone system vendor is currently (through March 31st) offering their first recurring monthly fee free and waiving the cost of providing Wi-Fi capabilities in their desk phones, typically a $40 one time fee. This phone system vendor also provides quality high definition voice phones, so there is no hardware cost to the client.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you believe we can be of any additional service to your members.

To the success of small businesses in America,

Don Weir
636 542-8653 Office

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