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The Journey Of Dreams To Your Best

by Dr. Deb Carlin

There is no such thing as time not well spent while you daydream or night dream.

Our night dreams, as Sigmund Freud described them, were a time to experience solutions without the distractions of the waking world. Eyes closed, darkness, silence, full body comfort in a position of repose is all the ideal. And yet, we so often do not recall those dreams – but we can, it just requires conscious effort.

Try this -- sleep with a journal within reach and a pencil with which to scribble notes, thoughts which you know are fleeting. Upon arising, collect your memories and make sense from the discovery of what might seem un-interpretable but actually is interpretable and highly useful. It requires a discipline, a regular routine practice of paying attention and doing it daily. You will find yourself realizing solutions to issues if you do this. Guaranteed.

Our day dreams, the dreamy state that happens while we gaze off into space is very much conscious and highly productive. Research is replete with studies that reveal the positive impact of what I call “the drift” aka daydreaming. Why? It is a time that the mind calls for to escape the stress of the moment, the day, the situation. When the consciously directed mind is tired, it craves escape – a break, a nap, a change of view, a physiological shift. The most relaxing and instantaneous thing we can do is to sit in stillness and allow the mind to enter a Theta brainwave state. In this state, you are meditative, relaxed, and open to new ideas. For more information about how to learn about your brain and the waves it travels across, visit Google and search Neuroscience and Brain Waves.

And in the meantime, allow your daily drifts, keep that paper and pencil nearby and capture your visions…allowing them to guide to your best intuitive pathway. Enable the night dream exercises laid out for you herein.

Seriously, you always know what to do; you need to give yourself time to actually see it and feel it and then do it. In Build the Strength Within (2014), I share the phenomenal practices and productivity secrets of Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci. Brilliant how he actualized his very best! You can too.

Dr Deb Carlin, President of Partners In Excellence LLC and presiding over the Missouri Venture Forum (MVF). Awarded numerous accolades given her leadership, authoring, speaking, and teaching, she holds a MS in Statistical Analysis & Research Methodology alongside a PhD in psychology, both from Saint Louis University. Teaching people how to Build the Strength Within through a Blueprint for their life using the credible foundations of mind body medicine. For additional information about learning to control your mind and reach your desires, visit

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