Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Happy Employees Add Value

by James Canada

Feedback is an essential element of success. Not only do you need to know what your customers expect from you, but also your client-facing managers and employees must understand what both you and your clients expect from them. Likewise, it’s crucial that employees feel they can communicate their perspectives so you can help them accomplish both your goals for them and their aspirations for themselves.

Results-Based Performance (RBP) Reviews are an effective tool that supports employee satisfaction. Their purposes are to:

- Promote consistency in performance and evaluation across the practice.
- Serve as input to individual performance planning.
- Enable staff to realize performance expectations at each level.
- Create a baseline for setting and measuring performance.

In the coming months, we’ll dig into how to implement effective RBP Reviews and illustrate how they promote four Mission-Critical Success Factors in every business. These factors are:

- Financial Success: Valued clients and employees will be attracted and retained by the financial success that results from services and goods that exceed the quality, value, and effectiveness of those from competitors.
- Customer Satisfaction: Quality services and goods will ensure that clients remain loyal and longtime customers.
- Industry Leadership: By surpassing competitors, your company will be seen as a leader in the field – one that develops services and goods that enable your clients to take advantage of business opportunities.
- Employee Satisfaction: Quality service depends on qualified and satisfied employees. Your company will attract and retain the best and brightest who will want to be part of a successful enterprise and industry leader.

We sometimes fixate on pleasing our customers and vendors, both of whom are vital to our success. However, never forget that your employees are equally important. Effective RBP Reviews can ensure a happy and fulfilled workforce that will only add to the value of services and goods you provide to clients.

James H. Canada is managing partner/CEO for Alliance Technologies LLC, ITEN mentor and author of “Corporate to Entrepreneur: Strategies for Success.” Contact Jim at james.canada@alliancetechnologiesllc.com, 636-734-2337 or www.alliancetechnologiesllc.com.

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