Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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A Blueprint For Better Networking

New Book Helps Others Create More Efficient, Measureable Networking

by Ron Ameln

Joseph Luckett was invited to one of his first business networking events ten years ago. The individual who invited him was late to the event, leaving Luckett all alone as he registered and took a seat. He sat next to two individuals who never spoke to him. He not only felt uncomfortable, but he also felt like he was wasting his time. He knew that when it came to networking, people needed help.

His solution: Zero to 100: The Gold Standard of Global Networking, a book Luckett recently wrote as a blueprint for efficient and measurable networking. The goal of the book is to make networking valuable, motivational and inspirational. The book has received major endorsements from revered networking leaders, including Ivan Misner of Business Network International, Rich DeForest of Networking Today International, and Sulaiman Rahman of Urban Philly Professional Network.

The book contains strategies, tips and tactics for better networking, and the process detailed in the book has been measured in a 12-week research study. After the study, according to Luckett, participants reported a 346% improvement in dealing with the challenges of networking and a 296% improvement in the benefits of networking.

SBM recently sat down with Luckett to discuss the new book.
Why write the book?

I was the guy looking for help with networking, and I couldn’t find it. It doesn’t exist. No one goes to the library asking where the networking section is. There is no networking section. There is no universal process that you can use and make all of your networking efforts count. I want to make sure that every aspect of your networking can truly count.

What are the keys to great networking?
Networking can be such a powerful tool, and it can change a person’s life trajectory. There are two sides to it: networking and connecting. Networking is a selfish sport. Connecting is a team sport. Many network, but very few connect. You can be out networking from a transactional perspective or you can be connecting from a relational perspective. You have two roads you can walk down. If you want networking to work, you must be on the relationship side. If you go down that road, transactions will naturally happen.

What are some of the things people are doing wrong when it comes to networking?
Networking is a necessary evil for most, and people believe that networking doesn’t work. The reason they believe that is they have no examples of how it can effectively work. People think of networking as this one big, gray cloud. I show up, I give out my cards, and I will sell everyone in the room. That is typically the cloud over networking. Those individuals are truly missing the power of connecting. It is all about building relationships. You’ll find that if you are that transactional networker, you will always be known as that. It is somehow hard to change.

What are three things we can all do today to become better networkers?
1. If you are an introvert, find a wing person. Bring someone with you who is extroverted. The extroverts will do what they naturally do, and they will bring people over to the introverts. That will allow the introverts to thrive because it is not stretching them to do something that is unnatural.

2. If you are a newbie when it comes to networking, I would encourage you to download our Networking Budget Document. This contains everything a networker will need. When you download the document and fill it out, you’ll be given a number. That number is where you need to stay to become a profitable networker.

3. For veteran networkers, I’d encourage them to get into the business of serving. Serve in a larger way. You have already been through different channels of networking, and you have credibility on your side. Now you are in the seat to serve the newbie, the introvert, and the entire space when it comes to networking.

Joseph Luckett wrote the book, “Zero To 100,” to help individuals become better networkers. To purchase a copy of the book, visit www.Zeroto100.io. There is a tab to order the book.

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