Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Weak, Wimpy Words!

by Nancy Friedman

At a recent conference, the subject of Weak, Wimpy Words came up.

These are words often used and far less powerful than we realize. WWWs (let’s use that code for now) distract from the meaning we want to convey. Without realizing it, you can and will destroy your message when you use them.
They’re not dirty or offensive words. However, you’ll lose a lot of leverage when you use them.

There are many WWWs. If you’re in sales, you won’t want to use them.

Weak, Wimpy Word #1 – THINK

“I THINK you’ll like the information I have for you.”
Think? Think? You THINK they’ll like the information? Is there any doubt in your mind? There shouldn’t be. Every time you tell someone “I THINK” … or “I THINK something will work” … or “I THINK it’s a right choice,” you leave doubt in their minds.

Use positive statements, such as “You’ll really like the information I have for you.” That’s a statement of fact … of confidence … of conviction … of someone who believes in what they have to offer.

Weak, Wimpy Word #2 – JUST
The biggest offender of all. “I’m JUST calling to see if you got the information I sent,” or “I’m JUST following up on my proposal,” and worse, “JUST a note to say thank you for the gift.” Boy, does that make it sound like a big nothing thank you note. The sentence or phrase becomes stronger when you remove the word JUST.

“I’m calling to be sure you received the information I sent you.” Then include a benefit statement or a question. Sadly, kids usually start off with, “JUST a note to thank you for the gift.” Other than “I just called you,” leave JUST out!

Weak, Wimpy Phrase: # 3 – “Let me know if you have any questions.”
Want to strengthen that one? Make it a statement. “Mrs. Friedman, most of the folks to whom I’ve sent that brochure have questions. Let me go over it with you to be sure we’re on the same track. You have my cell number for more information if you need it.”

Nancy Friedman, Founder/Chairman, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training, bringing you Zoom programs, and our, a popular boutique, unique online eLearning platform. Nancy is a featured speaker on customer service, communications, and sales. or call 314-276-1012.

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