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Your Website: Your Most Important Lead Gen Tool

by Debbie Arata

It’s a common challenge that over 60 percent of all business leaders say they consistently face: lead generation. And not just any leads – qualified leads that turn into sales prospects and, ultimately, buyers. If you are part of a small business facing these obstacles, you are not alone and there are some effective actions you can take to generate more leads and sales.

One of the first things we do for our clients is to make sure their websites are optimized for conversions. Your site should be much more than simply informational. It is your best tool for converting interested readers into prospects and customers. To accomplish this, your website should contain details that meet your customers where they are in their buyer journeys and clearly guide them to take action toward making a purchase.

At Spoke, we are big believers in strategic campaigns that may include blog content, emails, and social media that all drive inbound traffic to your website. One tactic that has worked well within this campaign framework is developing a specific landing page that complements your campaign, contains key information on your specific product or service, and has a call to action that prompts a positive sales decision.

Your blog content should clearly convey the benefits of your products and services and make it easy for readers to understand how your brand solves their specific problems. Promoting this content through emails and social media attracts more visitors to your website and greatly increases your opportunities for sales conversions.

It’s also important to include form pages on your site that make it simple for people interested in your brand to include their contact information to learn more, and also makes it easy for you to build a database of prospects. Use this critical data to send follow-up emails that answer their questions and include an offer that prompts the recipient to take action.

Finally, resources like online chat encourage customers to ask questions while they are making purchase decisions and including an eCommerce section on your website allows customers to take the next step and buy your products with a few easy clicks. It’s been said that you’ve truly succeeded when you can make money while you sleep. Your website can help you do that and is your most valuable lead gen and sales conversion tool.

Debbie Arata is Creative Director, Account Manager, at Spoke Marketing. Spoke Marketing ( provides fully-integrated marketing and sales programs that define and activate the customer buyer journey.

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