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Women Leaders: Susanne Evens, AAA Translation

by Jennifer Bardot and Marianne Biangardi

When you began your career did you ever imagine you would have a leadership role like you have now? What advice would you give your younger self?

From an early age, I was driven to make a meaningful contribution to society. While I lacked a clear vision of where this calling would take me, I pursued my passion for foreign language learning with unwavering determination. Despite encountering numerous obstacles and setbacks along the way, I never abandoned my dreams. Looking back, I now recognize that my younger self could have benefited from developing a greater sense of patience. As I began to carve out my career path, I realized that leadership was a crucial element in achieving my goals.

Who inspires you and why? What is your most valued attribute in the leaders you respect or mentors you have had?

Raised in Germany, I was fortunate enough to grow up witnessing my mother’s entrepreneurial spirit, at a time when women were not commonly found in leadership positions. Her drive and determination inspired me to cultivate qualities such as independence, work ethic, and organizational skills that continue to serve me well today. I found myself increasingly drawn to individuals who were making a positive impact on the world. What I value most in the leaders I respect is their unwavering honesty. Honesty not only fosters trust and credibility, but also serves as a foundation for building strong relationships and achieving shared goals.

What did it take in order to trust yourself to step into leadership?

Ultimately, it is my passion, vision, and dedication that enable me to trust myself in leadership. These qualities form the foundation of my leadership style and serve as a constant source of motivation and inspiration for myself and those around me.

Have you experienced any hardships and how did you overcome the obstacles? When did you know, the business was going to make it?

Establishing a business in a new country after relocating can prove to be an extremely challenging endeavor, particularly in the absence of any guidance. Thankfully, in this country, starting a business is relatively easy with minimal resources - a telephone and computer/internet. The turning point in our business was when companies began to shift their preference from established translation firms to our services. Our success is attributed to our unwavering commitment to customer service, fulfilling our promises, and prioritizing client satisfaction.

What do you attribute your success too? Secret to your success…

One of the primary attributes that has contributed to my success as a leader is my unwavering dedication to inclusivity, helping others, paying it forward, and sharing knowledge. True success is not measured solely by personal achievements, but rather by the positive impact we can have on others. I make it a priority to create an inclusive environment in which everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents. I have always been passionate about helping others and paying it forward. I also place a high value on knowledge sharing. I believe that by openly sharing our experiences, insights, and expertise, we can all learn and grow together.

Jennifer Bardot ( or 314-630-1451) is an Associate Director, Health & Benefits for WTW.
Marianne Biangardi ( or 314-322-4871) is Business Development Manager for Schmersahl Treloar, CPAs.

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