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Boost Your Culture With A Book Club

by Jonathan Jones

As we continue to face employee retention challenges, many companies are using book clubs as an unconventional addition to enhance their employee engagement strategy. Book clubs help employees get to know each other outside their primary roles and have positive conversations about new ideas.

Consider starting small with your leadership team, reviewing your annual goals, and choosing a book that supports one of the company’s goals (or enhances or changes company culture). This will allow you to establish realistic guidelines and gauge the benefits of the book club before rolling out a company-wide program to all employees.

Be clear on your strategy and purpose for starting a book club.

- Encourage participation, but do not make it a requirement. Let the law of attraction promote the club.
- Let employees choose titles that most interest them.
- Encourage leaders to have team-specific reads.
- Promote open discussion and sharing of ideas.

Here are some tactical tips for starting a successful book club:
1. Assign a point person to lead the effort for the company.
2. Choose your book(s) based on criteria set in your book club strategy.
3. Choose a comfortable location and book it.
4. Promote the book club, including employee benefits and guidelines.
5. Assign a host for each book, especially if it’s one they recommended.
6. Order books for everyone who signs up.
7. Have the host prepare discussion points for all chapters.
8. Hold the book club.

Incorporating a book club into the workplace offers opportunities to build and improve relationships, spark creativity and innovation, enhance culture, and boost employee engagement.

Jonathan Jones ( or 314-608-0783) is a CEO peer group chair/coach for Vistage International.

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