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by Nancy Friedman

No matter what job or position you hold, talking and speaking with confidence is critical.

Here’s a short message using the letters of the word confidence to help you remember.

C - Communicate clearly. Use simple language your clients can understand and avoid company jargon that may confuse them. Don’t use military language on civilians.

O - Own your blank spots. You don’t want to sound like a “know it all” and it is OK not to know everything. Most important is to explain you’ll find out the answer and get back to them.

N - Never assume. Always confirm your understanding of any concerns and clarify questions you’re not 100% sure of. ‘Thinking’ you know something and knowing that you actually do is a huge difference.

F - Follow through. Not following up with clients and even family friends is a huge mistake. If you make a promise to follow up on an issue, make sure you do it when promised.

I - Invest in your knowledge. Lifelong learners gain confidence more easily than other people.

D - Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s a show of confidence. It shows you’re committed to finding a solution.

E - Empathize with your clients. And learn the difference between empathy and sympathy. Telling them “I know how you feel” is not a great statement for confidence.

N - ‘No’ at the start of a sentence reduces the power of any confidence and is a complete turn off to the people you’re trying to assist.

C - Courtesy! Please, thank you, and you’re welcome will seldom, if ever, go out of style.

E - End every conversation with confidence and a smile. And use confident statements – “I’m glad to help.” “My pleasure.” (Telling somebody “no problem” does nothing. Leave it out!)

Nancy Friedman, Founder/Chairman,
Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training, bringing you Zoom programs, and our, a popular boutique, unique online eLearning platform. Nancy is a featured speaker on customer service, communications, and sales. or call 314-276-1012.


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