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Know What/Who You Are and Know What You’re Not

by Nancy Friedman

Self-identity is a powerful concept that can shape our lives.

What are you? Your values, passions, strengths, and weaknesses. Are you aware of them? Do you acknowledge them?

When you have a clear sense of who you are, it’s easier to set goals and work towards them with purpose. Knowing your own values helps you make decisions that reflect your beliefs, leading to a more fulfilling life. Additionally, self-awareness is critical for success.

Know what you’re not. This is important too. Especially in the business world.
I’ve never met anyone who can ‘do it all.’ Some think they can; however, the result is they don’t do it all. They aren’t aware of their limitations. It’s important to differentiate between who you are and who you’re not.

IMPORTANT: It’s essential to let go of the need for validation from others. Seeking approval can lead to a life that doesn’t align with your own self. It’s important to remember you don’t have to conform to others’ expectations to be worthy or successful.

Finding and working on your own self-identity and knowing what you’re good at, as well as your limitations, can give you strength. It’s fun to find things that lead to better self-esteem, and resilience. Knowing what you are and what you’re not gives you the strength to overcome challenges and make choices that align with your values. Acknowledging what you’re not good at is a gift too.

Self-identity is a super concept that can shape the course of our lives. It’s about knowing what you are and what you’re not, embracing your authenticity, and living a life that reflects your true self. When you have a clear sense of self, you can navigate the complexities of life with confidence and purpose. So, take the time to discover who you are, and remember that your worth is inherent, independent of external validation.

What do you do well? And on the other side…what are your limitations? Face them – and work on what you do well first.

Me? I know what I am – and what I’m not. I’m a good speaker. I’m not good with math! You don’t want me as your accountant. Simple, true and fun.

Nancy Friedman, Founder/Chairman,
Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training, bringing you Zoom programs, and our, a popular boutique, unique online eLearning platform. Nancy is a featured speaker on customer service, communications, and sales. or call 314-276-1012.

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