Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Beyond the keyboard: Leveraging AI Conversations for Your Business

by Tyler Kelley

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the ability to quickly validate ideas with a knowledgeable partner provides invaluable perspective. But it’s not always feasible on-demand. The rise of conversational AI finally makes 24/7 brainstorming support a reality for your business.

Conversational AI as Your Strategy Sounding Board
Traditionally, business ideation and problem-solving have relied on limited human interactions. AI conversation opens the door for you to instantly tap into a vast repository of knowledge with an impartial perspective.

This becomes especially powerful when combined with voice. Imagine discussing financial strategies, marketing campaigns, or operational improvements with an AI assistant in a natural, free-flowing way - as if conversing with a seasoned colleague.

Hone Your Pitches and Presentations Through AI Role-Playing
Conversational AI also enables realistic practice for your high-stakes scenarios. Your teams can run through sales calls, media interviews, investor presentations and more with an AI partner to refine messaging and anticipate questions.

The AI provides an intelligent yet impartial conversation partner to role-play interactions until they feel polished and natural. This allows honing skills and confidence before your real-world engagements.

Accelerate Your Decisions with Instant Expertise
Access to instant answers supercharges your business decision-making. Rather than waiting for individual experts, you can discuss trends, technologies or regulations with an AI assistant and receive detailed responses to progress key choices quickly.

These interactions also provide valuable learning opportunities for your employees. They can gain insights into new developments directly from AI dialogs - like accessing a patient, all-knowing mentor.

Getting Started with AI Conversations
Here is a concise step-by-step guide for first-time users to start leveraging the ChatGPT voice chat feature:
1. Download and Install: Get the ChatGPT app and install it on your device.
2. Sign In: Open the app and sign in using your OpenAI account credentials.
3. Find Voice Chat: Look for the voice chat icon, usually a microphone or headphones.
4. Enable Voice Chat: Click the icon to activate and grant microphone permissions if prompted.
5. Start Speaking: Press the voice chat icon then ask a question or give a command.
6. Listen to the Response: ChatGPT will process your voice input and respond verbally and via on-screen text.
7. Continue or End: You can continue the conversation or end the voice chat by clicking the icon again.

With these simple steps, you can now have intelligent conversations with ChatGPT to supercharge your business strategy and workflows. The AI makes an amazingly adept discussion partner.

Conversational AI Promises a Quantum Leap for SMBs
The bottom line is that conversational AI introduces a powerful new medium for you to enhance innovation, accelerate decisions, and build skills. With 24/7 access to an intelligent strategy expert, your potential is limited only by your imagination.

Unlocking this capability promises to be a competitive game-changer for SMBs. While still improving, conversational AI already delivers immense value as a brainstorming partner, role-player, and on-demand advisor.

Integrating this technology into your workflows signals your readiness to take a bold leap into the future of business. Are you willing to start having a smarter conversation? Your new AI strategy assistant awaits.

Tyler Kelley is the Co-founder and Chief Strategist of SLAM! Agency, where he helps mission-driven organizations and innovative businesses amplify their impact to drive meaningful change. In this column, Tyler provides actionable insights to help businesses and leaders navigate our increasingly AI-driven world.

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