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Women Leaders: Lindsay Skredenake, Director of Business Development, Make-A-Wish Missouri & Kansas

by Marianne Biangardi and Jennifer Bardot

When you began your career did you ever imagine you would have a leadership role like you have now? What advice would you give your younger self?
I started my career in the non-profit world, and then jumped head-first into entrepreneurship for 7 years. I loved the hustle of the St. Louis startup ecosystem and while we had many clients in various sectors, our non-profit clients always had my heart. In September, I had the opportunity to move on from the business I founded. I found myself at Make-A-Wish Missouri & Kansas, and I’m so happy I took the leap.
I would tell my younger self to trust her gut and lean in. Initially, I didn’t see myself working in non-profits for the majority of my career, but now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Who inspires you and why? What is your most valued attribute in the leaders you respect or mentors you have had?
I have had some amazing mentors and also, some bad ones. I learned critical lessons from each and wouldn’t be where I am without each and every one of them.
Mentoring is an investment, but you don’t get paid like in your day job. Genuine joy in helping others is the currency of a good mentor.

What did it take in order to trust yourself to step into leadership?
Imposter syndrome is REAL. But when you finally understand your value, your confidence shines through as a leader. When I first started my company in 2017, I definitely faked it until I made it for a bit. I had good ideas and people trusted me, but I felt like an imposter. Rather than blindly leading with arrogance, I went back to my mentors and inquired why they trusted me.
My mentors described me as self-aware, a collaborator who is open to others’ ideas and talents, and forward thinking. So, I leaned into what others saw and after a while, I finally believed it.

Have you experienced any hardships and how did you overcome the obstacles?
Everyone experiences hardships and obstacles, so of course. When I’m feeling depleted or empty, I lean on others around me who are full. And I expect others to do the same, when they need to be pushed up a hill.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

What do you attribute your success to? Secret to your success…
I have always said that I want to “make tomorrow better than today.” That could look like doing laundry today, so I’m dressed the part tomorrow. But in leadership, it means not being afraid to put in the extra effort or make a hard choice today, that will help someone tomorrow.

What advice would you give other local women leaders?
Find other powerhouse women and hold them close. We have to build each other up!

Other items you would like to highlight:
As I mentioned, I work for Make-A-Wish Missouri & Kansas.
Right now, an amazing group of women have partnered with us to personally try and raise $10,000 each to grant a full wish for a kiddo in the local community! We call these individuals, Women of Wish.
Granting a child’s one true wish creates strength, hope, and transformation during their journey to battle critical illness. Right now, more than 500 kids in Missouri & Kansas are qualified to receive a wish but we need help from the community to raise the funding.
A few Women of Wish are collaborating to host Champions For Wishes, which is happening July 25th at the Sunset Event Space in Sunset Hills. It’s a unique event that will bring local community legends together with amazing wish kids to benefit Make-A-Wish Missouri & Kansas!
A few of the local celebrities include Laila Anderson along with some of her favorite St. Louis Blues alumni, Reed Low, Cam Janssen, and Jamal Mayers! During the event, guests will get to mingle with celebrities, hear the impactful stories of our wish kids, play casino games with those legends, all while helping to raise necessary funds for Make-A-Wish.

Please join us:

Jennifer Bardot (, or
314-630-1451) is CEO and Founder of G.R.I.T. Community For Women.

Marianne Biangardi ( or 314-322-4871) is Sr. Associate, Marketing and Business Development, at UHY LLP.


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