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Cultivating A Culture Of Responsible Leaders

by Judy Ryan

"What you want is within your reach. You can flip a switch and your life can become what you want it to be."

Sam Carpenter, Author, Work the System

Problems exist in the gap between what you desire to be happening and what is actually happening. It’s not enough to teach skills and expose your people to information and ideas. Lessons need to be put into action. Without behavior change, great ideas are nothing more than that – ideas! The goal of effective executive management is to make leadership development a priority and effective transfer of responsibility a primary focus. When you do, every employee becomes responsible for his or her relationships, productivity and engagement.

Each month, I have provided information on the five processes needed to ensure your organizational wellness. They are:


In this fourth of five articles, I describe what and why to focus on IMPLEMENTATION of your program plan.

What? Implementation is the execution of your program for transforming your workplace into a responsibility-based one. Why? Results are not random. Results are an effect of your willingness to plan, organize, prioritize and complete. This article is focusing on your completing process. Ask yourself these questions:

-    Are my employees engaging in individual and group training, and implementation meetings to discuss with their peers and managers topics related to organizational wellness, accountability, demonstration of new skills and problem solving?
-    Are my employees leading effective meetings and operating as subject matter experts (SME’s) in human systems and job-related skills?
-    Are my employees clarifying, refining and reinforcing leadership, relationship and trust-building skills with the support of mentors?
-    Are we using interview processes to hire (or disqualify) candidates based on their fit for our culture?
-    Are we using a process for determining when, why and how to terminate employees who are not aligned?
-    Are we using processes to ensure all employees are providing ideas, implementing them and demonstrating leadership in cross-functional teams?

-    Are my leaders regularly reviewing and reporting success stories and collaborating on processes and input for ongoing improvement?

The business world is changing at lightning speed. Leaders have the opportunity to implement systems that exemplify and cultivate the healthy culture needed to manage rapid changes, but only if they have the courage to meet the road where the rubber hits. When they implement systems to face unexpected blind spots, they are then able to overcome them until the health of the organization repels reactive, irresponsible and disengaged people and becomes a magnet for a healthy, proactive and fully engaged team.

Community leaders and business executives hire Lifework Systems to increase their bottom line and enable them to gain a competitive advantage by building leadership capacity at every level within their organization and by providing systems needed to cultivate healthy, accountable, and productive workplaces. In your implementation, you attract and keep great people and fulfill your purpose in achieving the good you most desire to cause.

Judy Ryan (, human systems specialist, is owner of LifeWork Systems. Her mission is to help people create lives they love. She can be reached at 314-239-4727. 
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