Monday, August 15, 2022
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Quick Tips for QuickBooks Online

by Karen Stern

QuickBooks Online has revolutionized how small-business owners manage their accounting and taxes by making bookkeeping intuitive and less laborious. There are many ways QuickBooks Online can help owners better manage their finances through the use of continuously developing new apps.

There are now over 500 apps available at Here are a few of the most interesting and valuable options:

* Get cash. There are a number of small-business financing apps. Three worth checking out are BlueVine, Fundbox and Fundera. These apps use QuickBooks Online data to qualify your business for financing.

* Pay bills. has a new bill-pay feature that enables you to pay bills electronically right from QuickBooks Online. It is fully integrated and streamlines the approval process, as well as ensures a clear separation of duties.

* Travel and expense.
Concur is an excellent solution for travel and expense management. It allows you to not only capture receipts and reimburse employees while seamlessly syncing all data with QuickBooks Online but also compile master trip plans and create itineraries.

* Bill and invoice. Chargebee is a subscription management, recurring billing and invoicing solution that accurately syncs invoices, credit notes, payments, refunds, customers and taxes to your QuickBooks Online account.

* e-Commerce. Unify by Webgility is the top-rated app in the e-commerce category. It integrates with more than 100 e-commerce platforms and will automatically keep track of your orders, revenue, expenses, products and customers across all channels.

Mastering QuickBooks Online or having an outsourced accounting provider that can provide support and training on QuickBooks Online continues to create competitive advantages for small-business owners.

Karen Stern, CPA, (, partner in charge, Brown Smith Wallace Entrepreneurial Services Group, provides tax and accounting services for companies ranging from start-ups to $20 million in revenue.

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