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Examining Your Personhood Is Key to Effective Leadership

by Richard Avdoian

When was the last time you did an internal audit? I am not referring to a personal or business financial audit but rather an audit of your personal dynamics. I refer to this as an audit of what I call your “personhood,” which involves examining, identifying and owning your abilities, limitations, fears and insecurity.

Today it seems the new buzzwords used to describe oneself are “ transparent” and “authentic.” The question is, Are you really able to embrace and expose your true self?

You may see yourself as an expert in your niche market and believe you excel at your business practices and leadership abilities, but if you intend to grow your business, you will have to attract and recruit other experts and lead them effectively.

Regardless of how well the company has done, without a workforce of talented individuals, growth isn’t possible. You will need to be an inspiring, motivating leader willing to expose your own limitations and appreciate and acknowledge the talents of others.

Here are a few characteristics you certainly want to acknowledge, modify and avoid to be an effective leader:

- Indecisiveness. Reluctant to make timely difficult decisions, inconsistent about following policies when making employee disciplinary decisions, not involving key employees in decisions affecting their jobs. Avoids or delays making difficult decisions because of personal insecurity rather than working with a business coach or consultant.

- Negativity. Never seems to be pleased with progress, sales and the way employees and management address tasks. Makes a habit of pointing out only errors or what could have been done better, not from a mentoring/teaching approach but rather from a judgment/critical approach, and rarely compliments a job well done.

- Lack of direction. Easily distracted, lacks focus. Not open to new equipment, business practices, addition of products or services. Reluctant to make difficult timely decisions.

- It is all about me. Leads with an iron fist — my way or the highway. Is the decision good for me? Unforgiving, reacts negatively and rarely if ever takes responsibility for role or lack of role in the issue when things go wrong or employees made a mistake — as they do from time to time.

- Unempathetic/insensitive. Distances oneself from the feelings of employees. Totally detached from acknowledging how what one says, how it is said and what decisions are made directly impact the employees’ work dynamics and personal lives. Assumes they will simply adjust and if unhappy just leave the company.

- I know everything. Defensive when asked for advice, clarification etc. Lacks credibility and employees question whether the leader is current with trends and innovative practices and is able to grow and sustain the business. Is the leader capable of identifying what they don’t know and investing in consultants and training to enhance their skills and knowledge?

Employees leave companies for various reasons, but one of the primary ones is ineffective leaders who lack key leadership qualities. Take a moment to review your work history. What were the reasons you left jobs? If you are serious about growing your business, avoid these characteristics and routinely do an internal personal audit to continue your own personal growth while enhancing your leadership ability.

Richard Avdoian is Founder and CEO of the Midwest Business Institute Inc., a business consulting and training firm. For information about training and seminars, contact Richard at 618-972-8588 or
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