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Accelerating Your Business

by Richard Avdoian

Business owners: what do you really want to accomplish? Generally, the response has been to grow a successful business, become financially secure and to leave an impact on the world. A challenge not easy to accomplish otherwise everyone would leave a full-time job and jump in to the business world.

It requires countless hours of work, risk taking, financial investment, hiring the right employees and working with consultants and coaches. Those who rise to the challenge and beat the odds have invested in learning practical habits to navigate through the mine fields that have destroyed so many businesses.
Here are several things most owners fail to do routinely but should.

With determination, consistent focus, time and with these tendencies you will likely to be successful in all facets of your personal life and business.

Dance to a different drummer
Top achievers are not afraid to be creative and stand out from the crowd. They embrace making hard decisions knowing there are risks but know they will lead to major strides and rewards.

Mental and physical health

Invest time and money in your personal health needs to be a top priority if you want to maintain the stamina to be effective. The most energetic individuals make no excuses and are committed to caring about their mind and body by eating well, exercising and include socializing and recreational activities.

Be current and always be a student eager to learn
It seems most have endless reasons for not having the time to read or attend seminars, conference or workshops. To continue to grow a successful business it is essential that you stay current. Those who excel designate specific regularly scheduled time for personal and business development.

Establish a Wisdom Circle
It is said that “birds of a feather flock together” and we are a combination of those we spend most of our time with. So, it makes sense to be selective, network and surround yourself with ground, successful, visionary individuals that can fuel your motivation, offer advice and take your business to the next level.

Be Persistent
Persistence isn’t a word you would likely hear discussed at a networking or business meeting. Pushing and motivating yourself consistently is easily said but can be extremely difficult and challenging to implement and maintain. Success comes to people who invest in working hard and smart consistently on their skills, products and services.

Setting goals

Business owners often state they have set goals and a business plan and yet when probed admit goals are not actually documented with a plan of action or accountability system established and if they have a business plan it hasn’t been looked at from the day it was written. Those who set specific measurable goals tend to be more productive and focused in their efforts to accomplish the goals and are frequently reviewing, updating and seek outside services when needed to reach a higher level of productivity resulting in greater success.

Internal audit
Routinely take time to acknowledge one’s abilities, inabilities and needs. The most successful business owners are constantly striving to adapt, learn and hire experts to grow their business. This is not for the weak hearted or those with strong egos, it takes allowing yourself to let your guard down, be vulnerable and trusting.

These tendencies although rather easy to establish take long term consistent effort, on-going commitment and investment of time to grow a successful business, become financially secure and to leave an impact on the world.

Richard Avdoian is president/CEO of the Midwest Business Institute Inc., a business consulting and training firm. For information about training and seminars, contact Richard at 618-972-8588 or

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