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Business Survival Tips For Holiday Safety

by Richard Avdoian

Tis the season – although the holiday season might be a time to close for the holidays or function with fewer employees -- business owners can’t afford to be lured to a false sense of security. This is also a premiere time for burglars, pickpockets and muggers to rejoice. Thieves anxiously await all year for the holiday season.

Offices, warehouses, and delivery trucks are packed with customer orders, holiday supplies, food, and gifts. Too often, the contagious holiday spirit creates a false sense of safety and security. We let our guard down while getting wrapped up in the holiday spirit as we rush about in the whirlwind trying to wrap up business deals, deliveries, and business celebrations.

Security tips: Stress the importance of staying alert and always be aware of the surroundings and the people around your employees. Don’t have your employees, your customers, or you become a victim!

Offices, Warehouses and Delivery Vehicles

- Keep the outside well-lit with doors locked and window treatments closed.
- Review with employees the business policies and procedures related to addressing shoplifters.
- Consider reassigning staff to serve as security or add temporary security staff.
- Store all holiday supplies and gifts clear of sight-through windows or doors.
- Leave a few lights on when you leave.
- When disposing of gift cartons and wrappings, break down cartons and conceal them in dark bags.

Deliveries and Parking
- Conceal and lock all valuables and products securely in vehicles.
- When making delivers park in well-lit, highly visible areas.
- Consider altering delivery staff hours to start delivers earlier to avoid delivering or departing in the darkness of the evening.
- Visualize where your vehicle is located and the path you will take.
- Have your vehicle entry key securely in your hand before leaving.
- Always walk quickly and confidently.

- Thieves target high dollar bags and items – when possible use and carry large plain bags.
- Keep all packages and bags close and in sight when stopping to rest or eat.
- Carry your wallet in the front pocket.
- Don’t overload yourself with too many packages and bags.
- Consider carrying a clutch purse rather than a shoulder bag.
- Avoid carrying large amounts of cash; consider using checks, credit, or debit cards.

In addition to business deliveries and sales calls, you and your employees will be hitting the open highways and maneuvering through the winter weather to visit family and friends, or to spend the holidays at resorts or other vacation destinations. Have your business vehicles thoroughly checked, especially during the winter months.

- Consider the company joining an emergency roadside assistance program.
- Instruct the importance of keeping gas tanks full before and after all deliveries.
- Keep an emergency equipment pack in the vehicle, which includes a flashlight and batteries, blankets, spare tire, emergency sign, light reflector, cell phone and first aid kit. Jackie Joyner Kersee Center
- Plan out the delivery routes and check with state police for road conditions, congestion, detours, or road construction.
- Stress the importance of exceeding speeding limits and allow ample time for lunch and rest stops to stretch.

Keep these tips in mind and alert employees to the importance of being vigilant to assure all will celebrate a joyful, safe holiday season. Happy Holidays.

Richard Avdoian is president/CEO of the Midwest Business Institute Inc., a business consulting and training firm. For information about training and seminars, contact Richard at 618-972-8588 or

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