Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Virtual Video Meeting Tip: Sound Quality

by Fred Miller

Recently, you have probably attended more virtual video meetings than you ever imagined. The quality and value of those meetings likely ranged from Fabulous to Forget-About-It!

One of the biggest factors for successful, virtual video meetings is SOUND!
SOUND, as it pertains to these events, means:
- You can easily hear and understand what each person is saying.
- Other participants can easily hear and comprehend your contributions.

The most well-planned events with potentially superb value can quickly become worthless if sound quality is lacking.

I have attended events where I have strained to understand what people were saying.
“People will watch bad video, but they won’t listen to poor audio.”

Quality sound begins with a good microphone. In many cases, the built-in mic on a computer delivers poor sound quality. Voices sound tinny—like the speakers are trapped in a tunnel. The room used for the meeting was probably not designed as a sound studio, lessening the quality of sound as the speaker moves farther from the mic. (However, sitting too close to the computer offers an unflattering view of the speaker.)

A good microphone is an excellent investment if you will be attending many virtual events.

Recommended Microphones
 Lavaliere mics - often used by broadcasters; can be attached to a lapel or collar.
- USB mics - can sit on a desk or be attached to a computer.
- Note: Some webcams have built-in mics that work well.
Additional Notes for Optimizing Sound Quality
- Sit closer to the microphone when you are speaking.
- Use a headset to lessen feedback and echo effects. (Some headsets include an attached mic.)
- Turn off your VPN if you have one.
- Maximize internet speed, which is necessary for effective audio and video.
- Turn off phones, iPads, computers, and other devices that use the same Wifi in order to optimize speed and minimize interruptions.
- Mute your audio when not speaking.
- Turn off loud fans and HVAC systems.

Fred Miller ( is a Speaker, International Coach and Author. Businesses and individuals hire him to improve their public speaking and presentaiton skills.

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