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Virtual Video Meeting Tip: You

by Fred Miller

When it comes to virtual video meetings, your face is the first thing others see. Some tips:

- Position yourself so the camera captures you from mid-chest up and shows your entire face.

- Look directly into the camera. Doing so gives the impression that you are engaged.

- Position the camera to avoid cutting off the top of your head, showing your nostrils from below, or stretching and looking up because of camera position.

- Lighting is critical. Use lighting to highlight your face in the way that you want to be seen.

Showing Up Means Dressing Up!

- Treat virtual meetings the same way as in-person meetings. Look professional and be seen how you want to be remembered.

- Avoid fancy print shirts, wild ties, or flashy bling. They are distractions that divert the audience’s attention from your message.

Your Facial Expressions say a LOT

- We believe what we see. Nonverbal communication is both voluntary and involuntary. If you “roll your eyes” when you see or hear something with which you disagree, you will convey that message to others.

- Look attentive. Nodding in agreement or shaking your head side-to-side shows that you are listening to what the speaker is saying. Your face will also show shock, disagreement, and disbelief. Everyone who is present will be “reading” your face. Your facial expressions provide them with valuable feedback.

The BIG Takeaway Tip: Nonverbal communication surpasses verbal communication when it comes to believeability. People believe what they see.
Use these suggestions when attending your next virtual video meeting and I guarantee it will be absolutely, positively – NO SWEAT!

Fred Miller ( is a Speaker, International Coach and Author. Businesses and individuals hire him to improve their public speaking and presentaiton skills.

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