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Would You Like To Be A Better Speaker

by Fred Miller

Here’s one of my best tips.

That’s correct, write! Blog regularly, at least every other week. After you’ve written a post, make an audio recording. I upload mine into an iTunes podcast channel. Two benefits accrue:

1. Doing so is another way for Google to find you.
2. Many people prefer listening to reading. (Note the popularity of podcasts and audio books.)

The first time I completed the process was a very humbling experience! Listening to my writing, I found grammatical errors. I found spelling errors. I found ways to improve my language. Making those changes made my article much better.

Listening to myself speak the first time was another humbling experience! Sometimes I mumbled. Sometimes my voice faded. Sometimes, I spoke in a monotone. I re-recorded the post until I got it right. Listening to my recording was one of best things I’ve ever done, and now I record myself every time I write a blog post.

Written Post + Audio Post = Better Writing and Better Speaking

Now, take my suggestion to the next level, and do this! Make a Video.

If hearing yourself speak is tough, then seeing and hearing yourself is even tougher. However, the risk is absolutely worth the reward. You don’t need fancy video equipment. Your phone will work fine. When watching the playback, you’ll see your nonverbal communication: facial expressions, gestures, and body movements. These nonverbal elements will trump your words every time because people believe what they see. Adjust your nonverbal communication as needed as you record more videos.

The combination of Written Post + Video Post will absolutely take your presentations to another level!

Fred Miller ( is a Speaker, International Coach and Author. Businesses and individuals hire him to improve their public speaking and presentaiton skills.


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