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Time With The Boss - Rachel A. Covington Community Value Alliance

Rachel A. Covington
Community Value Alliance


Tell me about the mission of the organization?
CVA was founded to assist non-profits in strengthening their business expertise. CVA’s mission is to empower nonprofits by enabling leadership, staff and board members to focus on achieving and exceeding the mission critical goals of our nonprofit partners and clients. CVA has a team of professionals willing to assist non-profits with complex organizational challenges and in so doing, CVA can help non-profits increase their capacity for future sustainability.

What is your background and your role with the organization?
I have more than 25 years’ experience as a non-profit professional, working in the social service and healthcare sectors. I’ve held leadership roles for my entire career , and I am proud to share those experiences with the non-profit sector. I’ve held leadership roles at the National Kidney Foundation, Ascension Health, SSM Health, and the Mercy Health.

What are some of the challenges nonprofits are facing?
Nonprofits inherently deliver services in exemplary fashion as the mission of the organization is paramount, and nonprofit leaders are very passionate about the mission. However, nonprofit leaders tend to struggle with business acumen such as back-office support ie: IT, HR, accounting, fundraising all of which are necessary to sustain the mission over time. CVA was founded to fill those gaps and arm nonprofit leaders with the business tools necessary for success.

How are their challenges different than challenges facing for-profits?
The core business for the for-profit sector is to build revenue streams and the core business of nonprofits is to deliver the mission. Non-profits struggle with the Mission and Margin concept.
To sustain the mission, a margin (revenue) is necessary. For-profits tend to consider revenue as the primary incentive to do business.

What advice would you give nonprofits when it comes to overcoming challenges?
Collaboration and networking with like minded organizations.
Ability to recognize when your nonprofit needs assistance.
Build a strong diverse Board of Directors and ask board members to be the organization’s ambassador.

What is the best way to contact your organization?
Phone at 314-780-2902 or email:


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