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Women Leaders - Megan Greathouse

by Marianne Biangardi and Jennifer Bardot

When you began your career did you ever imagine you would have a leadership role like you have now? What advice would you give your younger self?

My first job out of college was as a Marine Corps officer. In that sense, I started my career in a leadership role. I had no idea that I would one day start my own business. Entrepreneurship seemed scary to me back then compared to the stability of a regular paycheck from a large government or corporate organization! Knowing what I have learned since then, I would tell my younger self not to believe the fear. I would rather take some chances and fail than play it so safe that I look back and wonder what could have been.

Who inspires you and why? What is your most valued attribute in the leaders you respect or mentors you have had?

First, my parents. They were both so hardworking, but also very focused on quality time with me and my sisters. They were amazing leaders and role models for us in many ways. Since then, I have had the blessing of interacting with many great leaders through my time in the military, the corporate world, and eventually in entrepreneurial circles. I think my biggest lessons have been seeing how these leaders looked out for and cared about their people, and how they rolled with the punches when things were tough. Nothing in life will be perfect, so the key is not to seek perfection, but adaptability and resilience through it all.

What did it take in order to trust yourself to step into leadership?

I have been in leadership roles since a young age and having mentors who I could lean on really helped me. However, I would not say that I trust myself 100% yet, or that I ever will. Leaders must remember that we will make mistakes too, and we must be ready to accept responsibility and learn from it. Leaders should be open-minded and humble.

Have you experienced any hardships and how did you overcome the obstacles? When did you know, the business was going to make it?

We’ve certainly had challenges along the way and have generally approached them by trying to break them down into smaller pieces. If we can keep slowly but surely moving forward, one step at a time in the right direction, we know we can figure it out. I believe that taking care of yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally along the way is also very important. We still face challenges daily, but I knew the business would make it when we’d reached profitability and I saw the team coming together. Seeing an employee take a project and run with it, or receiving compliments about team members from a client who was happy with their experience, makes you feel that the business is a living thing!

What do you attribute your success too? Secret to your success…

I still have a lot of work to do, but any success I have had so far has probably come from maintaining a healthy perspective and eating the elephant “one bite at a time,” as they say.

What advice would you give other local women leaders?

Take care of yourself along the way and find your tribe! Find others who are taking on challenges, running businesses, doing things differently, and make them your unofficial mastermind group. They will share wisdom and give you support to keep you going.

Jennifer Bardot ( or
314-630-1451) is an Associate Director, Health & Benefits for WTW
Marianne Biangardi ( or 314-322-4871) is Business Development Manager for Schmersahl Treloar, CPAs


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