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Using LinkedIn AI Tools Can Get You to the Right Candidate Faster

by Kathy Bernard

Finding your right hire just got easier on LinkedIn! The platform now offers two artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features – AI-Assisted Messages and Likelihood of Interest – to help those who use its Recruiter premium tool identify and reach top prospects more efficiently.

AI-Assisted Messages uses generative (capable of generating text) AI to craft personalized LinkedIn InMail messages to job candidates while Likelihood of Interest identifies candidates open to opportunities.

To use these tools, you must have a premium LinkedIn Recruiter account which you can sign up for by going to the “For Business” tab on LinkedIn and clicking “Hire on LinkedIn.” The first month is free but inputting your credit card information is required. Pricing for future months varies according to your needs.

Once you’re set up in Recruiter, using AI-Assisted Messages is a snap. Select a candidate, click “draft personalized message” and a customized message will pop up for you to review, edit, and send. Further customize the message using fields like job location and skills.

The Likelihood of Interest feature uses AI to aggregate and interpret real-time interest signals, such as those who show that they are “Open to work,” those who regularly accept InMail messages, prospects from companies with recent layoffs, and those who follow your company. To find the feature, go to a candidate profile card on Recruiter, find the Interest row, and see whether the candidate has a high or moderate likelihood of interest in your job.

Let AI speed up your recruiting efforts on LinkedIn!

Kathy Bernard (, CEO of, is a St. Louis-based LinkedIn expert/trainer who trains and equips individuals and businesses to maximize LinkedIn for sales, marketing, or fundraising.

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