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Finding Time to Work on Your 2024 Goals?

by John Gross

It’s January and you have set SMART goals to move your business forward in 2024. The only problem is you’re overwhelmed. Where do you find time to work on goals in your overcommitted schedule?

You won’t and never will until you make time! You make time by
1. Deciding what you are going to STOP.
2. Scheduling weekly time blocks to work on your 2024 goals.

Jim Collins in Good to Great recommends a ‘Stop Doing’ list. As Collins says, “Most of us lead busy, but undisciplined lives. We have ever-expanding “to-do” lists, trying to build momentum by doing, doing, doing – and doing more. And it rarely works.” Instead, we need to “display the remarkable discipline to unplug all the extraneous junk” (p. 139).

In practice you can unplug by completing a ‘STOP, START, and CONTINUE’ list.

Over several days, make a list of what you are going to STOP. Once you are happy with the STOP list, then decide where your new goals fit on START and CONTINUE. Keep revising this list, until you eliminate the ‘junk’ and have time for your 2024 goals.

With your newly created free time, review your weekly schedule and create a time block of 90-to-120 minutes to work on your goals. Schedule these time blocks as appointments on your calendar and make them sacred.

If you want to make 2024 the year that you finally achieve your goals, then take action on them! Your goals won’t get done magically — stop the ‘junk’ and start working on your goals.

John Gross is an EOS Implementer who helps businesses achieve Vision, Traction, and Healthy. You can contact John at John@ or call

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