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Employee Training - Is The Investment Worth It?

by Richard Avdoian

The investment in training is worth it if a company desires to recruit and retain talented, highly motivated professionals. Today’s top performers are selecting jobs based on more than salary and stability. They are seeking corporations, associations and businesses that are committed to raising the bar and investing in their professional future.

The workplace, from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, is constantly changing, and many businesses are rethinking the way they recruit, manage, motivate, and lead their employees. In addition, today’s leaders are faced with increased challenges to create a workplace environment that is more innovative, friendly, ethical and team-oriented.

Those who invest in a structured, ongoing training/coaching system experience fewer headaches, fewer employee and customer complaints, and less turnover. Employees who are well-trained and are offered ongoing training, refresher programs and coaching are less likely to make costly mistakes or contribute to customer complaints. They also tend to do things in a timely and more efficient manner.

The investment is worth it if you desire to:

Recruit and retain talented people at your organization.

Today’s top performers are selecting jobs based on more than salary. They seek corporations and businesses that are committed to investing in their professional development and future. Motivated, ambitious and talented individuals view ongoing professional development as a huge benefit. Employees are seeking companies that value their future by offering leadership, mentoring and ongoing training opportunities.

Save the company money.

Well-trained and -supervised employees are less likely to make costly errors, and they tend to respond to responsibilities quickly and efficiently. They tend to be less stressed and happier, which means they are less likely to seek other positions, which would result in extensive interviewing and advertising and training costs.  

Keep the company competitive.

Nothing beats a well-trained employee for attracting and retaining happy, loyal customers. Customers are increasingly more informed and are selecting companies with well-educated and -trained staff.

Create a “We” Culture.  

A “We” culture is great for the employees, customers and company. Employees are more engaged, committed and invested in a work environment that projects a structured and well-tuned team.

Thriving businesses and corporations recognize that they must continue to invest in their people and are doing it. They realize that the employees are on loan to them and that the more they invest in employees’ personal and professional growth, the greater the return on their investment will be. Granted, many employees will leave and move on to bigger and better opportunities, but they in turn are incredible ambassadors for your company, sharing with others the many opportunities your company/business/association offers employees by investing in their personal and professional goals.

Richard Avdoian is president of Voyage to Success, a business consulting group.  He works with corporations, businesses and associations committed to training and retaining highly motivated, productive employees and businesses committed to providing exemplary customer service and increasing productivity and profitability. For information about training and seminars, visit or contact Avdoian personally at or 618-972-8588.
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