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Are You Doing The Right Things The Right Way?

by Richard Avdoian

Recently, while I was working with a coaching client, he questioned the efficiency of his daily business operations. The conversation gradually shifted to whether he was actually doing the right things and doing them the right way to effectively increase productivity, grow his business and be profitable.

We identified the following actions business owners should be taking and how to do them right.

Goals. Establishing goals is easy, but are they measureable, well-documented and communicated clearly to your employees and management team? When employees fail to achieve set goals, it is generally directly related to the employer’s inability to clearly outline expectations and assignments. Taking the time to document in writing and communicating goals routinely with the team will clarify expectations, resulting in conflicts and increased performance.

Accountability. Sam Silverstein says in his book “No More Excuses”: “Accountability is keeping your commitments to people. When you are effective, you do the right things consistently. Every activity you engage in should have a purpose in your quest to keep your commitments and be accountable to the people in your life.” Business owners need to be accountable to the employees, customers, and relationships in their business. If they aren’t, employees are likely to gradually do less and less, knowing that accountability isn’t valued in their organization. In addition, key productive employees may seek alternative employment where they are in the company of competent, responsible owners and employees.

Work Force. Hire the right people for the right positions and quickly fire those who are the wrong fit. You generally know within 30 days if an employee is not cut out for your business. Individuals who are unwilling to take ownership of their poor performance and attitude and are not receptive to correcting negative behavior will negatively affect morale and inhibit the growth of your business. Hiring to quickly fill a seat is never a good idea. There are plenty of talented, productive and trainable employees to fill your work force. Set clear job descriptions and expectations and be patient. In time you will attract ideal prospects.

Integrity. Establish and model your business’s DNA of adhering to moral and ethical principles, sound moral character, and honesty. Hiring the right people who fit should help eliminate your apprehension to trust, share key information and delegate tasks. This will instill within your employees a belief that they are trusted to conduct and conform to the accepted standards of right and wrong and take full responsibility for their actions.

Consistency. Being consistent when handling and adhering to your business policies regarding poor performance, tardiness, etc. in a positive and professional manner is vital to ensure productivity and positive employee morale. Employees who consistently fail to meet standards, are not held accountable and do not have corrective actions imposed on them will eventually cause a dissension among the work force. Productive, committed employees will begin to question your authority, will see you as a pushover and may follow suit, becoming slackers or, worse yet, seeking other employment.

Take the time to think about and work on your business. Focusing on these and other facets of business will help you enhance your ability to make the right decisions and do things the right way.  In the long run you will increase employee and customer satisfaction, productivity, and profitability.

Richard Avdoian is founder and CEO of Voyage to Success, a business consulting group.  He works with corporations, businesses and associations committed to training and retaining highly motivated, productive employees and businesses committed to providing exemplary customer service and increasing productivity and profitability. For information about training and seminars, visit or contact Avdoian personally at or 618-972-8588.
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