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Trade Shows Are Great Venues

Characteristics of Successful Expo/Trade Show Teams

by Richard Avdoian

Selecting and training the right staff to represent your company is key to your ROI when participating in an expo or trade show.

Once you have researched and determined that the event will attract your ideal customers and provide added value to your overall company, the next step is to send the right company representatives.

Ideally, there are three recommended teams, each with specific objectives and sent to appropriately selected events to get your company’s best ROI.

Assign the right team for the event
• Sales force-ambassadors:
• Sales and ambassador team: Decision makers/management and support employees attending. Send sales force back on the road once decision makers’ session is finished and ambassadors staff the booth for remainder of event.
• Sales force only: Only decision makers and management-level attending. Mission: Establish relationships and sell, sell, sell.
• Ambassador(s) only: No decision makers attending the event. Mission: Establish relationships, strengthen your brand, promote your products and services.

Here are four common characteristics of successful trade show team members.

1. Take risks.
Individuals who seek, ask and embrace new adventures; are experimental; change things up; and set their eyes on big clients. The more opportunities they pursue and take, the more successful they become in identifying and engaging prospective clients.
2. Use their time wisely.
Individuals who are well-organized and particular about how they use their time before, during and after the trade shows will generate the best return on the company’s investment. Ideally they are selective about spending the majority of their floor time with clients who have the highest payoff. Average-performing teams spend too much time with marginal opportunities (window shoppers, trick-or-treaters) that consume time with little if any return.
3. Invest in themselves, their clients and their prospects.  
Top-performing individuals and teams recognize the benefit of investing their time and money to make trade shows memorable. They purchase gifts that are about their clients or prospects, not the company they represent. They take the necessary time to learn about their clients’ needs and concerns. They are committed to learning new ideas and techniques to enhance their expertise by purchasing and exchanging among themselves relevant books, CD programs and best practices. They attend seminars and workshops, purchase industry magazines, and use the Internet to keep abreast of the trends in their niche market.
4. Passionate about networking and selling.
A typical team consists of one or more individuals. The highly motivated teams are passionate and actively attract and engage individuals to discuss their products and services. These individuals thrive on meeting new people, making contacts and selling. Less effective individuals shy away from interacting, appear to be shy or would rather be somewhere else. They don’t like initiating conversations and don’t like meeting new prospects.

So before you commit to investing in a trade show or expo, remember to take the time to research various trade shows and expos and train your teams to get the best results. These can be wonderful opportunities to launch a new business, showcase your company’s expertise and reach a large audience of prospective clients.

It is not too late to secure an exhibit booth or register to attend the April 12 St. Louis Business Expo at the St. Charles Convention Center.

Richard Avdoian is president/CEO of the Midwest Business Institute Inc., a business consulting and training firm.  For information about training and seminars, contact Richard at 618-972-8588 or

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