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Secrets To Business Success

by Richard Avdoian

When was the last time you took the time to sit back and candidly and thoroughly evaluate your performance as the business owner? Are you on track, focused and productive, or are you functioning in an existing mode? Have you lost your way? Do you still have a fire in your belly to lead and grow your business? Do you know how to adequately navigate through the ever-changing challenges facing businesses?

Many studies have identified the secrets to business success and key leadership qualities. Based on my work with business owners and CEOs in over 40 industries, here are a few qualities and best practices:

1. Embrace fear. Allow yourself to be visionary, innovative and daring. Set yourself and your business apart from the masses, dance to a different drummer, and shake things up to help avoid mediocrity and the status quo. Being the black sheep in the herd can prove to be key to your success.

2. Be persistent, work hard and stay focused. Remember that Rome was not built in a day, so be vigilant, take it slow and never give up when you hit a snag or two. Failure is part of learning, so when you hit a snag or two, embrace them and learn from them.

3. Read, read and read. Learning is a lifetime journey. Attend seminars and workshops. Gaining knowledge and acquiring new skills are crucial to survival in business.

4. Join professional associations, chambers of commerce and civic organizations. Consider joining your   local chamber of commerce or industry association. Subscribe to their journals and newsletters and attend and participate in the various networking events. Consider participating in and supporting civic/charity events, volunteer, serve on a charity or professional board, and donate your services.

5. Self-talk is everything. Maintain a positive attitude. Think, “I can and will be successful,” not “I will fail.” Avoid negative individuals and environments. Stay focused and don’t let opinions and judgment of others derail you, distract you, or drain your energy and enthusiasm.

6. Take the necessary time to determine, set and implement goals, both personal and professional. Goal setting is pointless without a detailed implementation plan. Implement a well-written, detailed plan of action: Enough already – stop thinking and rethinking about goals.Nothing will change if you never implement a plan of action. Take charge; face your apprehension and your fears and dive in.

7. Take time to do your homework and research details. Seek out all the facts, ask questions, acknowledge what you know and understand and what you don’t, and get input from experts within and outside your business. Mistakes made are merely opportunities to learn and challenge your creative abilities.

8. Network, interact and communicate effectively. One person does not make a team. Identify, involve and motivate others within and outside your business.  

When it is all said and done, the key is really to be truthful and transparent and live with integrity. So take ownership; otherwise don’t waste your time – none of the above will matter.

Richard Avdoian is president/CEO of the Midwest Business Institute Inc., a business consulting and training firm.  For information about training and seminars, contact Richard at 618-972-8588 or
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